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Newborn Session Information

                                              When is it recommended to schedule the newborn session?


Newborn session is recommended within the first two weeks of birth.
Newborns at this age are usually more sleepy and it is easier to pose them and move them around. 
of-course it is possible to make the newborn session when they are older than 2 weeks.
Since the birth date is not known, you can schedule the session according to the due date and we will accomodate the exact date for the session after the baby is born.


                                               Is family members can join the session?


Of-course. Family members / siblings are welcome to join the session. Family photos are included in the session fee.


                                               How long is the newborn session?


Newborn session is the longest session. It can take between 3-5 hours.

I do not want to rush the session since It can take time for the baby to fall asleep and of-course we take all the time the baby needs to eat and for you to rest.


                                                Do I need to bring props to the session?


There is no need to bring props to the session. However, if you have something special that you would like be photographed with, you can bring it with you.


                                                Where does the session take place?


The session takes place in my home studio located in Parker Colorado.



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